Founded in 2013 by Bien Nguyen, Bien Bespoke is a customized tailoring brand catering to all genders. We offer a diverse range of high-quality, elegant, and timeless suits harmoniously complementing every facet of an individual's unique journey.

With a specialization in formal business wear ranging from socks to bespoke suits, Bien Bespoke predominantly provides suits, blazers, shirts, and trousers, ensuring our clients feel confident and stylish in any professional setting.

We are committed to providing a personalized tailoring experience for all our customers. The dedication to quality and inclusivity is reflected in each design, making Bien Bespoke a standout in the world of made-to-measure tailoring.



Bien Bespoke is more than just a tailoring brand; it's the realization of a lifelong passion for me. 

Tailoring has been in my family for three generations starting from humble beginnings in the North of Vietnam; my grandparents were passionate tailors providing formal wear, heavily influenced by sartorial fashion in the 1950s. 

My passion came to fruition in 2013, having witnessed many friends, colleagues, and acquaintances struggle to find the perfect fit. It was also when I recognized a need to provide customized tailoring for all shapes and sizes. 

Having traveled widely around Europe and Southeast Asia, I immersed myself in the latest trends and formal wear styles to define my style. 

In a world where finding the perfect fit can be challenging, Bien Bespoke provides a tailored solution that caters to all body types and personal styles to ensure they always get the item they envision.

Our core values

Craftsmanship and Tailoring

We nurture and maintain long-standing tailoring traditions and work hard to keep craft skills alive. Collaborating with a community of exceptional artisans is a profound pride we take in our work. All our garments go through more than a dozen craft processes with several pairs of highly-skilled hands as they are made. That encourages us to make more effort for the wealth of expertise that goes into every piece of clothing we make.


The prevailing throwaway culture in fashion takes a stunning toll on the environment. That doesn't sit right with us, so we commit to sustainable practices and materials shining through in every meticulously tailored garment. Embracing a made-to-order approach for all our tailoring, we eliminate textile waste and overproduction from our operations. Using the finest natural materials – worsted wool, silk, cashmere, velvet, corduroy, and linen; we support responsible textile producers with transparent supply chains.


We celebrate all genders, full stop. From every body shape to every age or ethnicity, we cherish the form and aim to build clients’ confidence with clothing. We aspire to cultivate a vibrant community of clients who can, in turn, inspire and empower others through the power of fashion. Bien Bespoke will continue to do our part to support equal opportunities and representation.